Peretok Light: highlights of the Russian and global power sectors for 10 to 16 September

Peretok Light: highlights of the Russian and global power sectors for 10 to 16 September

Minenergo supports extending Far-Eastern surcharge until 2028

Originally unenthusiastic about the proposal to extend the alignment of tariffs in the Far East at the expense of consumers in the free-price zones for another 10 years, Minenergo has finally accepted it. Speaking at the conference chaired by the president, Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak hedged his position by saying that the extension of the term of “Far-Eastern surcharge” is justified “if its effectiveness is improved”, but proposed no explicit criteria. 

Buryat authorities want to include Ulan-Ude TETs-2 in modernization programme without competition

Minenergo remains more consistent in including facilities in the cogeneration modernization programme without competition. The heads of a number of states are actively lobbying for upgrading gen capacity in their jurisdiction, pushing for dropping the market mechanisms of selection on a case-by-case basis. Among them are heads of the Republic of Buryatia, who said they want to complete at the expense of consumers in the 1st and 2nd free-price zones TETs-2 in Ulan-Ude, which was started in 1983.   

RZhD has no buyer for TGK-14 and looking at other exit strategies

The overall situation in Buryatia's energy sector is graphically illustrated by the position of RZhD [Russian Railways], a co-owner of TGK-14, which is the No 1 player in the region's electric power market. 

Enel expects to complete the sale of Reftinskaya GRES by end of year

More promising is another deal that has been discussed in the market for more than a year now. Enel is close to selling Reftinskaya GRES: previously the company looked at several prospective buyers; the best terms were offered by Andrey Melnichenko, owner of SUEK. However, Grigory Beryozkin, former partner of Russian Railways and ex-shareholder in TGK-14, keeps saying that he is willing to revisit the purchase of Refta if the deal with Mr Melnichenko falls through.  

FAS: “Fine on Yunipro in Berezovskaya GRES case to be 650 thou. roubles”

The FAS decision in “case of Berezovskaya GRES” was a general surprise. After a fire at the new DPM[electricity availability contract (EAC)] block in 2016, Yunipro by arrangement with Sistemny Operator continued receiving the capacity charge - illegally, according to the antitrust people, having collected nearly 1 bln roubles from consumers. FAS threatened the generator with turnover-based fines, but ended up opting for a slap on the wrist. The fine on Yunipro, which together with SO is aggressively litigating against the antitrust agency, will be a mere 650 thou. roubles. This is a compromise that gives FAS a technical victory in the dispute: such a minor punishment should be accepted by the generator, observers believe. 

Capital can be sourced from China for development of Ogodzhinskoye coal deposit

Chinese capital can participate in developing coal deposits in the Far East; companies of Celestial Kingdom are willing to look at integrated projects that also involve major generation development projects based on local fuel for electricity supply to China. The Eastern Economic Forum, which took place in Vladivostok last week, discussed two such projects at the same time, as well as prospects for Chinese involvement in the digitization of networks in the Ural. 

Novak: “Inter RAO continues to study TES project for Yerkovetskoye deposit”

Rosseti and China's GEK [State Energy Company] to launch digitization project on MRSK Urala's grid

17-09-2018 17:51

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