“Russia’s electric power industry has done very well during the current downturn”

Late last year, Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development suggested redistributing regulatory functions in the energy sector and setting up a Council for Reliability and Development of the Unite...

29-06-2016 17:22
Going North

ROSATOM has recently announced the creation of the "Arctic portfolio" – a package of solutions, products and technologies designed for development of the Arctic. Viacheslav Pershukov, ...

30-10-2014 14:20
Modernization of the District Heating Sector Will Not Be Possible Without State Investment

In his interview with Peretok.ru, Ivan Grachev, Chairman of the State Duma Energy Committee, Doctor of Economics, talks about legislative plans in the energy sector for the autumn session.

30-09-2014 21:15
“The Group’s engineering portfolio has already extended beyond the scope of the CDAs”

Inter RAO has one of the most extensive investment programs among Russian power companies. It is obvious that the major load of its implementation falls on the engineering division of the holding.

21-03-2014 09:39
“Currently, it is easier not to pay to energy companies in our country”

The amendments to the Law on Electric Power Sector and the Law on Joint Stock Companies were approved by the Federation Council at the year’s end. The amendments are to eliminate the cross-subsidies a...

16-12-2013 19:08
“In 2014, we will start generating returns resulting from asset consolidation”

Inter RAO has made a huge leap over the last three years, transforming from an energy export and import operator into one of the largest diversified energy holdings in the world. In his interview Dmitry...

08-11-2013 14:40
“Each Trial Means the Company’s Reputation for Us”

Stability of any large company depends on its lawyers’ work. In Inter RAO, the range of authorities of the Legal Affairs Unit is much wider compared to similar departments in other conventional compan...

22-10-2013 11:44