“Peretok Light”: the most important things in the Russian and world energy industry for the period from 17th to 23d of December

“Peretok Light”: the most important things in the Russian and world energy industry for the period from 17th to 23d of December

“Smart” meters hit the tariff

The precipitance first of the State Duma, and then of the Federation Council, on the adoption of the draft law on intelligent accounting systems (IAS) turned out to be the main surprise of the week, which ended with Power Engineers' Day (congratulations to all involved!). Earlier, the head of the State Duma Energy Committee, Pavel Zavalny, stated that the document, actually demarcating the areas of responsibility between networks and sales, will be adopted before the end of the year. Initially, it was planned to adopt the amendments enshrining the regulatory framework for the IAS introduction in June, but an active discussion flared up in the sector, so eventually, positions coordination took 14 months. However, this is not a record: the legislators also decided last week that the introduction of licensing of energy sales, which has been discussed for more than a year, was postponed by another year and a half. Key amendments to the draft law on IAS were made during the second reading. 

The Ministry of Energy starts to develop a new special facility for the modernization of thermal power plants in the Far Eastern Federal District

At the same time, the authorities launched the development of another important draft law - on the mechanism for renovation of power facilities in the Far East. Until this time there have been discussed only approaches to the Far Eastern modernization in the sector, now the work should move into a practical direction: the Ministry of Energy plans to adopt amendments in the course of the next year.

Kozak requested to present a modernization plan for hard-to-reach areas by 4th of March

In addition, a separate special program aimed at renewing the main power facilities can be developed for isolated and hard-to-reach areas. In the next couple of months, the responsible structures of the Cabinet must prepare their proposals on the issue.

Jumping into a sealed wagon

At the end of the summer, the authorities decided to abandon the misguided practice of withdrawing regions from the energy market “in manual mode” and transferring it to the regulated contracts system. In order to explain the seriousness of the intentions of the federal authorities to the regions the Cabinet presented appropriate amendments to the current legislation in the State Duma.

But the authorities of the The Zabaikalye Territory decided that the temporary gap between the ban on transfer to regulated contracts and the adoption of the relevant law is the ideal time to change the status of the region to the a territory “with performance peculiarities”.

Igor Makovsky: "The consumer should remember us not only when light is turned off"

“Rosseti” is gradually starting to launch a digitalization program, which the company itself has preevaluated at 1.3 trillion rubles. In December, the state network holding company was actively signing cooperation agreements with regions that will become pilot sites for the program. 

An exclusive interview of the new head of the “MRSK Center” for the Peretok tells about the plan of upscaling the Kaliningrad experience in Central Russia, and according to which criteria the first six regions were selected for the start of the digitalization program. 

The head of the GEH does not believe in the creation of the high – powered Russian gas turbine in three years

A new surge occurred last week and during the absentee discussion about the prospects for localization (or development of the own) high-power gas turbines.

First, Denis Fedorov, the head of the “Gazprom Energy Holding”, once again supported the idea of GTP localization in cooperation with foreign partners, telling that at first his company would be engaged in the modernization of the Steam power units, but not the Combined cycle gas turbine units.

“Silmash” estimates 65 and 170 MW turbine development costs at 15 billion rubles

Then, the new CEO of the holding Timur Lipatov spoke in an interview for RIA “Novosti” about the approach of the “Siloviye Mashini” to the problem. 

The engineering association, which turned out to be under Western sanctions together with the main owner, Alexey Mordashov, is still focused on the independent construction of gas turbines with the governmental financial support.

The US Treasury Department decided to call off sanctions against En +, “Rusal” and “Eurosibenergo” in a month

In the middle of the week, encouraging news for the second pricing zone of the Russian energy market came from Washington. The US Department of the Treasury agreed to call off sanctions against “Rusal”, the largest energy consumer in Siberia. However, the conditions of the compromise can hardly please the key co-owner of the company Oleg Deripaska - he will not be able to influence the management of the holding and receive profit from it, remaining on the sanction list. In addition, the decision of the administration of President Trump has many opponents in the United States.

En + is not sure that the US Congress will not issue additional requirements for calling off sanctions

FAS, “Unipro” and SO have signed the peaceful settlement with regard to the case of SDPP Berezovskaya, the claims have been removed

The scandalous proceedings between the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) on the one hand, and "Unipro" and "Systemny Operator" - on the other ended with the settlement agreement. Anti-Monopoly Service insisted: consumers overpaid the generator almost 1 billion rubles when paying for the power facility of the third emergency unit of SDPP Berezovskaya. The unit was built under a power supply contract (PSC for TPP), but soon after its commissioning a large-scale fire has occurred. The decision of the FAS is the basis for compensation of damage caused to consumers; the peaceful settlement under the terms of "Unipro" can remove this opportunity for consumers, as the "Kommersant" has wrote earlier.

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